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Victory is sweet.

Here’s my dedication page:

This thesis is dedicated with all my love and thanks to:

The teachers before Simon’s Rock who helped me get there: Caroline Chapman, Joanna Balter, and especially Wes Jarrell, even if his hatred of the passive voice was wasted on me.

Those teachers at Simon’s Rock who made me want to come back, and who’ve made me very glad I did: Chris Callanan for making me believe I could write, Don Roeder for sending me off into the woods for mushrooms every Friday, and Patty and Jamie for guiding me through the writing of this thesis with kindness, good humor, and care.

My wonderful, amazing, spectacular friends, who know very well who they are, for all of the laughter and tears and occasional burritos.

My family. For my beautiful and talented sisters, my grandmothers, and my parents. Mom and Dad, this body of work wouldn’t exist without your emotional, intellectual, and financial support. Thank you for knowing I would do this long before I thought I could.

If you’d like a PDF copy of the whole mess, shoot me an email!

About Rachel

Rachel Feltman is a 20 year old Simon's Rock alum and a grad student at NYU SHERP. She loves writing about science, and would one day like to be paid to do so. Please.

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