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Firefly: That time I was totally wrong and the internet failed to call me out on it

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During my thesis revision process, the ever-vigilant Colonel Patty Dooley, Ph.D. pointed out a glaring error in my explanation of how fuel cells work.

Looking back, I have no idea how that ended up in there. My only excuse is that I’m pretty sure I was doped up on cough syrup when I wrote that blog, and I probably meant that section to be a placeholder and then…forgot about it?

Internet. You’re supposed to jump on me when I’m wrong. You’re supposed to attack me with pitchforks and torches.

The original post has been edited to fit the final piece that was included in my thesis, so check it out .


Mea culpa.

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Rachel Feltman is a 20 year old Simon's Rock alum and a grad student at NYU SHERP. She loves writing about science, and would one day like to be paid to do so. Please.

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